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Round 1

Question Number Question Answer
1. In which country do Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy novels take place? Sweden
2. What is the capital of Suriname? Paramaribo
3. What former musician played bass on Madonna's "Like a Prayer"? Randy Jackson
4. What did "abolitionists" oppose? Slavery
5. What New York cardiologist published his bestselling "Diet Revolution" in 1972? Robert Atkins
6. What is another term for a badminton bird? Shuttlecock
7. In what movie does Redfoot flick his cigarette into the face of McManus? The Usual Suspects
8. What does "Aardvark" mean in Afrikaans? Earth pig
9. The Larynx is also called what? Voice box
10. What color is the bottom strip of Egypt's flag? Black
Tie Breaker What food product calls itself the snack that smiles back? Goldfish Crackers

Round 2

Question Number Question Answer
1. What period preceded Picasso's "Rose Period"? Blue Period
2. What is the capital of the US state of Pennsylvania? Harrisburg
3. How many years were Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown married for? 15
4. Who did Dwight Eisenhower defeat twice in presidential elections during the 1950s? Adlai Stevenson
5. The ailment known as conjunctivitis is also known by what colorful name? Pink eye
6. Which day marks the start of Lent? Ash Wednesday
7. Who played the warden in the movie "Natural Born Killers"? Tommy Lee Jones
8. This drink is made from espresso coffee, hot milk and chocolate? Mocha
9. What does a meteorologist study? Weather
10. Pamlico Sound is located along the shores of which state? North Carolina
Tie Breaker Who was Joseph Merrick better known as? Elephant Man

Round 3

Question Number Question Answer
1. Who devised the towering framework that supports the "The Statue of Liberty"? Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel
2. What is the capital of Cambodia? Phnom Penh
3. What future US congressman cowrote the Searchers' 1964 hit "Needles and Pins"? Sonny Bono
4. Over what part of Captain Robert Jenkins were Britain and Spain at war in 1739? His ear
5. What is the atomic number of gold? 79
6. Vinnie Jones was associated with which sport? Soccer
7. Which "Friends" star previously starred in a sitcom titled "Top of the Heap"? Matt LeBlanc
8. Which company marketed the first digital camera, the DCS-100, in 1991? Kodak
9. What is Ethyl Alcohol commonly known as? Ethanol
10. Which US state is home to the southernmost reaches of the Appalachian Mountains? Alabama
Tie Breaker Which school's football players run onto the field behind "Ralphie", a live bison? University of Colorado
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